Ambar Verman 30 Jan, 2019 13:16 72895 15

15 Misconceptions Every 90's Born Had During Their Childhood Days 

On how many myths you believed blindly?

In recent time our life is running with the speed of fiber optic internet. But luckily whenever I get some 'Me time' and think or talk about childhood, life have been getting slower motion track for a while. I think we were exactly like PK during our childhood. We used to live in our imaginary world where no one was wrong, no one was a liar, and where we used to believe in everything. 

Even when we used to lie and someone said 'Jhooth bolna paap hai nadi kinare saanp hai.' We literally used to believe and imagine a snake near a river who bites liars. Seriously, how innocent we were.

On Quora a few people shared the biggest misconception they had in their childhood. I am sure you can also relate with them.