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7 Characters As Per Hindu Mythology Who Are Still Alive

The chiranjivi of Hindu dharma. 

Hindu mythology is full of instances that have managed to stir a sense of mystery in the mind of the readers. The unquestionable relevance of it can still be seen, making it necessary for us to explore and analyse it further. One of the most incredible facts Hindu mythology is the presence of seven immortals. It is said that reciting these seven names can free you of all Ailments and give you a long life of 100 years.

Hindu scripture contains a mantra about the seven immortals, in which their names are recited for luck and longevity: 

Ashwathaama Balirvyaaso Hanumanshcha, Vibhishanaha Krupascha Parshuramascha Saptaitey Chiranjivinaha

Here is the elaborated description of all seven immortals.