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These Couplets By Waseem Barelvi Beautifully Depict Love And Ingenuity 

Urdu is a language of soul, isn't it?

Urdu is a very warm language. It encapsulates everyone in its poetic charm. Urdu is sweet; a perfect melody for its listeners. It lies on the cusp of sensibilities and sophistication.

Among many renowned Urdu Poets, Waseem Barelvi is an enigmatic persona. His poetry is replete with passion, realism, heartbreak, estrangement, and loneliness.

"Wo jhoot bol raha tha bade saleeke se,

 Mai aitbaar na karta toh kya karta."

Wow! What a powerful couplet by Waseem Barelvi. It literally takes a reader by soothing surprise and awe. His words directly talk with the heart and one realises the power and magic of Urdu poetry.

Here are the latest couplets by Waseem Barelvi, which are a must read for every Urdu Shayari lover.