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15 Excuses You Make To Avoid Being In A Committed Relationship 

Because I'm too glam to give a damn?

You're not a loyal single community member if you don't roll your eyes at every couple who is 'mushing' around you. 

But, you're not loyal to yourself if you don't agree to admit the fact that deep down, once in a while, in that tiny little corner of your heart you've longed for a partner.

(Of course, serving your reflex, you've gotten rid of that thought in nano seconds! But you've had that feeling for sure.)

And how? How do singles get rid of those 'I also want to relate to those love songs and tag someone in them love-dripping memes'? We avoid, we submerge ourselves with work and what not!

So, for every single out there who thinks that it is just them - no, me and 19,868 other people are in this too!

Here's a list of excuses that most of us come up with to avoid being in a relationship: