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These Words Of Novoneel Chakraborty Will instantly Make Place In Your Heart

This is the 'Shayrana Andaaz' of India's finest thriller writer. 

There are many books which we buy with huge expectations. We start to read them with high enthusiasm and then in then middle we just give up on them because of their boring story or bad treatment.
On the other side there are few books which we buy with zero expectations and they turn out page turner.
There is a book that belongs to the second category, which I read in a single sitting during 2010 and the name of the book is 'A Thing Beyond Forever',  a story of two innocent lovers. This is one of the best love stories I read so far. That book got a tag of bestseller in just a few months of its release. It was the debut novel of India's finest romantic thriller writer Novoneel Chakraborty.
The author who also wrote amazing books like 'The Stranger Trilogy', 'Forever Series', 'How about a SIN tonight?', 'Ex...a twisted love story', 'Cheaters', 'The Best Couple Ever', 'Black suits you' and 'That Kiss in the Rain'.

If you have read his books you must be aware of his thrilling kind of writing, but today we are going to present you 'Shayrana Andaz' of Novoneel.
I assure these words of Novoneel will tug your heartstrings just like his novels.