Nupur Awasthi 02 Jan, 2019 05:46 71945 12

How I Let My Ex Destroy My Self-Esteem

I forgot to take care of ‘ME’

I was always a hopeless romantic, who was smitten by the mere idea of love. Just like in the fairy tales, I wanted my very own prince charming. So, when the most popular guy of our college declared his love for me, I was in seventh heaven. He was the best boyfriend anyone could ask for or at least I thought so at that time. He was charming and always made an effort to make me feel incredibly special in the beginning. Slowly, I also fell for him, hard. In a couple of weeks, we had become inseparable.
But, with time, I realized, everything was not as rosy as it seemed. And, before I knew it, my self-esteem had taken a major hit.