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17 "I will never marry because..." Statements And Why They're Just Bubbles

Bursting the present-gen trend. 

Marriage is an institution, it is pure and rightfully guided by supreme forces of love. If you happen to utter the same sentence in any of your speeches, chances are that it'll be considered as nothing better than blabbering. Today, it is more of a fad to claim "I won't ever get married" which is one of the most popular catch phrases that is widely used, or I should say, misused. 
Most users of this statement remain in their early or mid-20s and while they'd invite an argument on this, non-believers in the claim are not welcomed.

Better than getting provoked by their hollow coolness, tag them all to this article that might well serve as an eyeopener. Following are the completion of "I will never marry because..." claims and something in addition.

PS: This is to offend nobody and we agree that in rarest of the rare cases, marrying remains an option worth not ticking.