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12 Terrible Life Situations And The Greatest Quotes To Get Over Them

Fret not, defeat all the odds.

Someone who took birth with a silver spoon in his mouth saw his parents getting a divorce and his dad dying of a car accident at a young age. Someone who got this high paying job at a world-class firm got a heart attack at the age of 29. Someone who very recently graduated from a hugely popular medical institution could not save the life of her own ailing mother. 

Problems, they're with everyone. Not everyone is a monk set out in the land of lamas who has nothing but happiness and fulfillment sitting on his lap. We keep facing terrible life situations and always seek for that one inspiring moment that can change our lives.

While I can't promise you a moment, I promise you some words of wisdom that can empower you for every such situation. Go ahead, find the situation that applies to your present...