Nupur Awasthi 16 Jan, 2019 12:45 72049 10

10 Ways In Which You Can Turn Your Mother-in-law Into Your Mother

Mothers-in-law are our second mothers.

We have seen that a very few women honestly get along with their mothers-in-law.
Have you ever wondered why?
I feel that’s understanding this is the first step towards achieving friendship with your mothers-in-law. What happens is when a woman gets married, her mother-in-law starts to have an irrational fear that the love her son has for her will decrease. This creates tiny rifts in the household, which will escalate when the matter is not resolved on time.

Just like the mother-in-law, the daughter-in-law also comes with an irrational fear. Maybe it is subconscious, but it is still there. She feels that as her husband’s mother, her mother-in-law is the most important woman in her husband’s life, and in order to not be taken for granted, a sense of competition comes into play. So, what are the rules to turn your mother-in-law into your mother? Keep reading to know more!