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Small Poems By Najwa Zebian About Love, Hope And A Sense Of Self

"Your story is how you gave yourself a voice."

“I was bullied for being too sensitive. I was bullied for being too vulnerable, for being too honest, too kind. I started building up walls. I started guarding myself."

With "Author. Poet. Speaker. Teacher. Doctoral student in Educational Leadership. Human. I write to give a voice to the silenced souls out there," as her Twitter bio, this Lebanese-Canadian poet, teacher and motivational speaker is making waves with her power-packed quotes of inspiration, love and loss. 

Author of books such as Mind Platter, The Nectar Of Pain is set to publish another book Spark of Pheonix in 2019.

With fans, all the way from the lanes of Canada to mainland Hollywood, here are some of the quotes that Najwa has shared with us over the years.