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Piognant Words By Christopher Poindexter That Will Melt Your Soul

“Your darkness is a symphony."

i just feel impossible.
like life wasn't meant
for me.
like it was an
i showed up to
drunk out of
my mind.

His poetry has no science, no rules, no pentameters. It is just magic. Pure, believable magic.

Writing from an unguarded space, with his unbounded humanness and vulnerability, the words of Christopher resonate with all of us. With the power of simple language and plain emotions, he makes every word count . It is the power of his soul wrenching and aphrodisiac verses that he owns the modern day social media. He has credited Instagram as the biggest reason for his success and an incredible way of meeting like minded people.

Here are some of his best verses, along with his views of culture, love and life that will surely make you fall in love with him.