Kunal Kumrawat 03 Jan, 2019 05:05 72541 15

Redditors Share Quotes That Changed Their Life For Better

The one who angers you, controls you.

We come across so many things every day, as soon as we wake up in the morning to the time when finally fall asleep; we're continually gaining knowledge and living this thing called life. 

From people who surround us 24x7 to books, songs, movies, university, workplace, and what not; anything and everything has something to teach us. But a wise man once said, why to wait for failures to happen when you can learn from others and succeed in life (okay, I know that's made up, but it fits here).

Maybe that's why all of the Redditors showed their keyboard skills when someone asked them "What quote has stuck with you and changed your life?"

Their answers will open your eyes as we bet it's one those articles that you bookmark for forever.

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