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20 Reminders For The Beautiful Girls, Struggling To Love Themselves

I am here for you. 

Let me paint you a picture of what a normal girl goes through the entire day. 

She wakes up, opens Instagram and sees a selfie of a model, rolling off the bed with perfect, flawless skin and a hashtag which reads #IWokeUpLikeThis. 

As she proceeds to make some tea, she will see an ad of a slimming juice pop up on her notification bar.

Moving ahead, the commercial of surgeries and artificial insemination appear on the screen. 

Settling on the chair to begin the day, her asshole colleague will make a nasty remark on her body. 

Later in the day, as she is sharing a laugh at lunch, taunts are tossed around because of the way she expresses herself.

Coming back from home and going to work, she finds herself lost in the thoughts of self-doubt.

"Am I good enough? Will I ever be enough?"

To her, I wanna say, NO! You will never be enough for those who fail to accept you. 

A system that is very consciously designed to demean and disrespect women, finding the courage to love yourself is an act of rebellion. All this noise often leaves Women in a whirlwind of complexes and insecurities. 

To all those beautiful girls, struggling to love themselves, here are some reminders that you must repeat to yourself.