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15 Signs That You're An Incurable Workaholic And Unapologetic About It 

Work work work, makes all the sense to you. 

Well if you're here looking for signs whether you are a workaholic or not, let me tell you that you are. 

Being committed to what you do and loving your job are virtues we all aspire to acquire. But sometimes we get carried away with work, so much so that we forget the work-life balance. With the new age ability to take work home, the line between work and leisure are blurred, as many people feel compelled to continue working long past the official quitting time.

The happiness to work and be surrounded by it constantly isn't such a bad thing. The problem arises only when you kind of cannot segregate between your personal and professional life. 

So if the only high you've been getting lately, is from work then you definitely wanna get it right by cutting yourself some slack.