Muskan Rajani 24 Sep, 2018 12:00 69981 8

To The Ex Who Left Me: Thank You For Breaking My Heart 

Thank you for not existing for me now. 

Dear ex, for your sake I won’t say your name. I remember how you would always tell me that I deserve better than you. Strangely, I didn’t agree then. All I wanted was you and now when I look back, I agree. I have realised that I deserved better then, I deserve better now. You were my everything, my world revolved around things that you liked and things that you always wanted to do. Remember that cafe where we went for the very first time? Yes, the same place where I paid the bill because:  EQUALITY.  I didn’t like it, I hated the claustrophobia that it had but I forced myself to like it because you liked it. All I saw in those beautiful teen years of my life was you. My spectrum of vision limited itself to you. All the novels by Austen, Hardy, Bronte, made more sense when I started talking to you. I would always force myself to believe that you are the knight in the shining armour that I always wanted.  I don’t know why I did that.  I thought of myself as a damsel in distress and you as someone who was saving me. While it was you who was causing all the distress.  I remember the day we broke up and I held your hands, silently begging you to not unlove me or leave me. You left anyway, people might call it a rant but actually I want to thank you for all the things that you did.