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Things Indian Education System Should Learn From Other Countries

You could have all of this too. 

Growing up, I was always amongst the toppers of my school. Being very close to the process, I have the first-hand experience of how the myth of being smart is sold to those who can achieve a decent score in a staged exam. 

The Indian education system is a cesspool of vicious exams and performance linked incentives. Cramming up a subject and vomiting it on your school paper is not intelligence. Getting full marks on an orchestrated performance is not being smart. And having the retaining power of two chapters should not be a measure for a scholar.

With the highest number of young population in the world, you'd think that India would want to catch up with the world, right? Well, it's somewhat opposite. Every measure to improve the system gets filtered by the high class and private league schools. 

And when it comes to graduation, the scaricity of options makes the people for the rather popular option that is at there disposal. 

No chance to explore, no where to experiment.

With absolute certainty, I'd like to say that the education system ruined me. 

But, I still can't afford to lose hope. So, here are the things that I wish the Indian Education system would learn from other schooling systems of the world.