Muskan Rajani 14 Nov, 2018 11:27 71444 0

An Open Letter To Everyone Who Doesn't Like Being Called A Kid 

Embrace the kid in you. 

It was the morning of November 14, 2018, and everyone wished me Happy Children's Day. Initially, I was irritated at the fact that people at my workplace still find me a kid and they are treating me like one. I was agitated, but aren't we all like that? The moment someone says that "Arrey, tum toh abhi bacche ho", we feel that they are trying to mock us or that they are trying to say we are incapable of doing something. I sat and analysed the way thoughts were being processed in my mind and that is when I realised, being called a kid is actually a compliment. 

People are trying to tell you that you are awesome and innocent as a kid. I remember how I would always take my childhood for granted but today, as I see people regretting the fact that they didn't live up to it, I realise that childhood is the most important phase of our lives. We always looked up to our elder cousins and siblings and that made us feel like we want to grow up, but believe me, growing up is a trap.

I miss forgetting about things that didn't matter, I miss caring less about what people said to me or how they felt about me. I have been caged by all the social stigmas and how people see me, so much so that I cannot live freely now. But, you see, there are kids. They don't care about anyone or anything, all they know and understand is the moment they are living right now. 

A very wise quote goes as: "Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why it is called a present."

Kids live by this saying, they are in the moment kind of individuals. Now, here, by saying a kid I don't mean someone who is small when it comes to age or size. We all have that kid in us. We all have that person in us who shaped our childhood, we all have the little bundle of joy in us that makes us feel connected to our roots and who we really are. This kid is us, this kid is the carefree, arrogance-free and ego-free being that we were born as. 

Being this kid as and when the need arises is much more important to keep the real 'you' alive. Children are Innocent, they are Imaginative and they are full of Imperfections. All these 3 I's make a person a child that they were when they were young. Don't lose out on any of these as you grow up because these are the things that will stay with you for a lifetime. In addition to that, the realm of social media, technology and pop culture has consumed them and taken away most of their innocence and imagination and imperfections; so hold on to that if you want to hold anything. 

Happy Children's Day, folks!